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Taming Lightning

Jul 2, 2022

Hello Lightning Tamers!

This is not an episode. So in today's podcast, I’m going to give a little announcement about Taming Lightning going on a hiatus. 

YES, you heard that right a hiatus.I’ve officially planned for the hiatus to start July and to end in October, 2022. 

The reason for this hiatus is well, I need to take time to stop adapt to my most recent life events and changes: New Job, Moving to a new place, and Teaching and Assisting - Summer workshops!

Before I go, I need to ask a favor. If you could, I’d like you to got to, and leave a comment about what you’ld like to hear about on the podcast, it could be something from a previous guest or something new. I’d love to hear it, so I can help share it.

If you like to support Taming Lightning, subscribe to the newsletter on, or follow on instagram @taminglightning, other options for support are one-time donations through Ko-Fi, or you join me on Patreon for additional perks and benefits. I’ll have links provided in the show notes. Feel free to share, comment, and subscribe.

As always Be Safe, Be Healthy, and Be Strong, and I’ll See you next time. 

-Percy Echols II, Taming Lightning