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Taming Lightning

Feb 28, 2019

Hello Lightning Tamers,

This is Episode number Ten! “ Light up your World with Plasma” Thank you for patience

It’s been long 7 months, since our last podcast episode.A much needed hiatus after my Dad had passed away. I've been struggling to find my light, but I knew my Dad wanted me to keep going and to do something I love, and this podcast and exploring this medium is definitely part of that.

In today’s episode I’ll be talking about the first plasma class offered at Pittsburgh Glass Center taught during the 2018 Summer intensive by wayne and Mundy.  In which future episodes in the line up will about the Plasma Resources compiled for that class by Anders Mikkelsen who was one of our TAs.

By the end of this podcast I hope to leave you with overview on that class, a few things I’ve learned leading up the class, and some fundamental guidelines for making Plasma Glass. Mind you the guidelines will continue to be modified and expanded upon as we have more people practicing and sharing their discoveries.

Show Notes

Intro Music: Boost by Joakim Karud


Outro Music: The Process by LAKEY INSPIRED

2:45 Episode Begins

15:35 Fundamental Guidelines

17:00 Vessel Crafting

22:05 Electrode Attachment Methods

24:38 Electrode Placement

26:00 Alchemy

26:45 Noble Gases

27:47 Inert Gas: Nitrogen

28:41 Halogens: Bromine and Iodine

30:18 Pumping & Filling Technique

31:34 Filling Recipe & Gas Mixture

32:10 Design Theory

33:31 Filling Pressure & Gas usage

34:48 Discharge Modes is Plasma

37:27 Technology: Plasma Drivers


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