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Taming Lightning

May 20, 2021

Hello Lightning Tamers! This episode number 38! In today's podcast, I have Wayne Strattman.

Strattman’s work encompasses over 30 years of innovation in lighted glass plasma technology, as an artist, designer, researcher, teacher, advocate and author.

Wayne has invented unique lighting technologies such as Luminglas- an interactive flat panel plasma light that Star Trek fans will recognize as the charging station for the Borg. While working on creating a plasma TV, he came up with a process of fusing window glass together in a kiln to make  flat glass that lit up and was kinetic. Today, his work remains on the cutting edge of lighted glass engineering, with many recent developments of new effects never seen before.

ig @taminglightning

  • Music credits to the following artists:
    • Preview - Retro by ONE 
    • GEEX promo - Sunny Side by One (O-N-E)
    • The opening theme - Boost by Joakim Karud
    • Intermission - Serenity by prod. Riddiman
    • Credits - The Process by Lakey Inspired