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Taming Lightning

May 12, 2022

Episode Sponsored by Glass Art Society and Fluxeon

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Hello Lightning Tamers! This is episode 47, and I’m here with Thomas Zickuhr of Neon Lab and Neon instructor at the University of Wisconsin Madison.


Thomas Zickuhr is a neon glass/mixed media artist based out of Madison Wisconsin and has been a neon glassblower for nearly 20 years, though has been an active artist his entire life.  After finishing his degree in Fine Art/Sculpture from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Tom moved to Boulder Colorado and took on an intensive 4 year apprenticeship in neon. After the foundation for neon had been laid, he, his wife Kristine, and their dogs moved to Madison, WI where Tom continued to learn and grow in the craft of neon.  Thomas also studied and practiced design and animation, and continues to work and create in all three fields.


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As mentioned at the start of this episode, Tom Zickuhr has been a recommendation for quite awhile. And like many of our guests there’s a interesting story with each and every person. Sometimes what your passionate about is is given as gift or opportunity, other times you bear all the effort, atleast from a limited perspective its seems to be one or the other, but here we have an example showing both, luck, effort, and determination!