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Taming Lightning

Jan 17, 2018

In Today’s Podcast we’ll be talking with Dylan Neuwirth an artist and sculptor working with light, space and interactive technologies which includes neon and virtual reality. his work is autobiographical,with light being embedded in his Personal Narrative, a custom-made neon sign with his mothers name in red cursive letter, Blade Runner, and David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” are a part of his origin. Like many artists, light is a beacon, a place to return to, or something to reveal the darkness we can cannot bear look at. His work expands on themes that include early memories of alienation, subconscious violence, and systemic addiction through the use of digital culture motifs.


Dylan is  the Creative Director at Western Neon, and the Western Neon School of Art, which just opened this year. Offering classes to the public to explore the process of neon for artists, hobbyist, and students. Dylan will talk about his role at Western Neon, Challenges that come with Neon, Classes and future of Western Neon School of Art.

Dylan and I were introduced through Dani Kaes, who is a Neon Apprentice at Western Neon. Though we officially connected through Instagram, we have briefly crossed paths while she was staff and I was a student during Summer workshop at Pilchuck Glass School, the origin of my interest in Plasma and Neon. So I’d like to thank Dani for connecting us, and perhaps we’ll have her on a future podcast.

Intro Music: Boost by Jakim Karud


Outro Music: Re-Entry by Lapse

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Thank You for listening to the Taming Lightning Podcast. I’d like to thank Dani Kaes for connecting me with Dylan Neuwirth and Western Neon, and Dylan for taking the time to be on the podcast. While we did touch up on his work, I highly recommend going to his website and looking through his work and writings. I hope to have him on the podcast again to discuss a few things that I’ve been thinking about since the initial recording. Also, I’d like to thank Pittsburgh Glass Center for supporting me as a place of research and inspiration, as well as encouraging me to pursue this project, and the Plasma Art Alliance where I have access to the well of knowledge, and connects me to some amazing people.

Keep an eye out for more classes at Pittsburgh Glass Center as we work to provide a space for learning neon and plasma. 

See you Next Time!

Percy Echols II
Taming Lightning  ⚡