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Taming Lightning

Nov 24, 2019

Intro Music: Boost by Joakim Karud

Outro Music: Zone Out by Joakim Karun

Hello Lightning Tamers, this is episode number 19! In today’s podcast we have Tommy Gustafsschiöld of Nordic Neon and Diod. He’s one of the last remaining Neon Shops in all of  Scandinavia. We’ll hear about his beginnings and earlier life prior to neon, as well his recent explorations in making art whether it be a collaboration or his own. What I also find interesting is how he processes or bombards his neon tubes using a kiln or oven rather than a high power transformer,  in addition, coating his own tubes.

By the time this podcast is released, I will have traveled to Sweden as part of the Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh Grant, where I had the opportunity to visit and travel with Tommy to The Glass Factory Boda. Here I assisted and taught a hot shop and plasma class with Ed Kirshner and Jaime Guerrero, where took what we learned from our class taught in Pittsburgh last year, essentially Blow and Glow 2.0. I also participated in the conversation for setting up neon and plasma for the Glass Art Society Conference in May 2020, where I will be one of the presenters.