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Taming Lightning

Dec 31, 2021

EP 43 is OUT!  In the form of Neon

Marta Beltowska

IG @in.the.form.of.neon @mbeltowska

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In today's podcast, recorded July 13, 2020, I'll be joined by Marta Beltowska “in the form of neon.” 

Marta Beltowska lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and works as a Video and STreaming Producer at a non-profit foundation called TRR. She graduated with a bachelor's in photography in 2014 at the University of Southampton in England and started her career as a photography assistant before moving to Sweden.

 After a creative block post-university, Marta found that local neon signs had become her subject of curiosity. And what began as a hobby has now turned into an almost obsessive passion. Since 2018 she has made short documentaries called In the Form of Neon, about the artists who create neon signs. 

I’m always curious about the different avenues that bring people to illuminated works of neon and plasma, and so I appreciate the work that Marta does to bring them to light. With the visual medium of neon and plasma, video is a very strong middle way to an in person experience. It was a pleasure to meet you back in  2019  at the Glass Factory in Boda, Sweden. It’s very impressive how you can navigate the chaos of the workshop and organize them beautifully in audio and video!  Thank Marta for your time on the podcast, and for your support through our passion project In the form of neon.

Please support in the form of neon by watching on and Vimeo, she has videos of the following artists including myself: Ben Orozco, Ed Kirshner, Stephanie Lifshutz, and Clif Eddens.