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Taming Lightning

Jul 24, 2020

Intro Music: Boost by Joakim Karud

Outro Music: The Process by LAKEY INSPIRED


Hello, Lightning Tamers this is episode number 29. In today's podcast, we have Dalibor Farny! For those who don't know he's a small manufacturer of the world's largest nixie tube & Clocks in the Czech Republic. The reason I wanted to have him on the podcast is for several reasons, one which I believe has parallelled the struggles of those pursuing the seeming untamable nature of plasma or anyone in pursuit of self-learning is that his engineer background was all he had before becoming enamored by nixie tubes. not unlike myself, he pursued as much info as he could be it text or what little existed on the internet before needing the help of those willing to share their knowledge. He searched, gathered, and learned about the equipment needed, taught himself how to work glass and used lathe, and to process, clean, and use a vacuum system.  He's very open with sharing his process, his success, his failures, Questions, and solutions. After the podcast, please check out his youtube channel for his latest projects and designs.