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Taming Lightning

Dec 30, 2020

Hello Lightning Tamers! This episode number 34!

In today's podcast, we have a recording from 2019 during the plasma with blown glass workshop taught at the Glass Factory in Boda, Sweden. I was invited to teach alongside Ed Kirshner and Jamie Guerrero, which was only made possible by the 2019 Advancing Black Arts in Pittsburgh Grant.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to release this episode, but seeing that we are halfway through the collaboration with Geex for the Intro to Plasma series, today's guest would be an opportunity to emphasize the need to have a growing respect and understanding of components, knowledge, and skills introduced in chapter 2, besides showing another perspective on learning plasma from an engineering and technical background.

Now the person I’m introducing is Tristen August, he works for Konstrucktiv in Berlin. Konstrucktiv is a product manufacturing and rapid prototyping solution, with Tristan as their expert in creative solutions, electronics, manufacturing, and hardware hacks. Perhaps he and Dalibor Farny are kindred spirits. Among the participants in the workshop, Tristen was the most familiar with plasma, yet did not have any glassblowing experience. This wasn’t a problem since he was able to pick up on glassblowing jargon, and worked with other participants to have vessels made, much like Ed himself. With his technical understanding, he brought him a plasma transformer he designed and a few experiments he made with glass tubing.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the last podcast of 2020, so let's jump right in!

Episode Show Notes


Intro: Boost by Joakim Karud

Intermission: Sunnyside by ONE

Outro: The Process by Lakey Inspired