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Taming Lightning

May 9, 2018

In Today's Podcast, we'll be talking with Harriet Swarzrock an Australian glass artist who has recently finished a residency at Canberra Glassworks where she explored the use of both plasma and neon in her work.


I invited her to the podcast after seeing her posts on Facebook and Instagram. Initially hesitant to the invitation, but she was happy to share her experience as a glassblower at the beginning of a new process. Here we’ll be illuminating the struggles of learning Plasma,  the issues she had to overcome, as well as the role that the residency for an artist developing new work, and importance of mentorship and support.

Without further ado, onto the podcast!


Show Notes

Intro Music: Boost by Joakim Karud


Outro Music: The Process by LAKEY INSPIRED

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Thank You for listening to the Taming Lightning Podcast.

I'd like to thank  Harry for taking the time to be on the podcast, especially between residencies. And for being open to talk about her experience in working with a new and difficult medium. Also, I'd like to thank Pittsburgh Glass Center for supporting me as a place of research and inspiration, as well as encouraging me to pursue this project, and the Plasma Art Alliance where I have access to the well of knowledge and connects me to some amazing people.

Keep an eye out for more classes at Pittsburgh Glass Center as we work to provide a space for learning neon and plasma. Check us out at or call our studio at 412-365-2145.

 See you next time!

Percy Echols II
Taming Lightning⚡