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Taming Lightning

Aug 22, 2017

In today's podcast, we’ll be talking with Ashlin Williamson of Fourth State Glass. We'll hear about his journey in plasma, how he got into using neon gases, latest projects, and his involvement in The Plasma Art Alliance, an emerging organization of artist using plasma in their light sculptures.

Ash and I met in 2014 when we took a plasma workshop with Pat Collentine at Pilchuck Glass School. Since then we've kept contact sharing and exchanging ideas and latest projects. 


Image: Emoticon Hieroglyphs by James Akers', who will be one of our future guest on the podcast.


Intro Music: Boost by Jakim Karud


Outro Music: Re-Entry by Lapse


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Thank You for listening to the Taming Lightning Podcast. We have many more guests to come, with future guests returning to expand on questions, practices, and a variety of subjects. I’d like to thank Pittsburgh Glass Center for supporting me as well as encouraging me to pursue this project, and The Plasma Art Alliance, whom many of my guests are connected through.Keep an eye out for next summer’s classes at Pittsburgh Glass Center as we work to provide a space for learning neon and plasma.Also, I’d like to thank Ash for being a big part of my first steps in my plasma journey. As it was his help that allowed me to apply plasma light to my graduating exhibition at Illinois State University.
Feel free to send your questions to this email, share, and comment!

Thank you, 

Percy Echols II 
Sorcerer Apprentice  ⚡