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Taming Lightning

Nov 4, 2021

ig: @taminglightning

Nikki Lau

ig: @lau.nikki

Hello Lightning Tamers!

In today's podcast, I'll be joined by Ceramic Artist Nikki Lau to talk about her recent residency at the Pittsburgh Glass Center with Crash Course in Neon as a participant in the upcoming exhibition Full Spectrum: Visionaries Elevating Art Craft, and Design and will be opening February 4th, 2022. The exhibition showcases visionary makers of color from around the country who are producing extraordinary craft objects, while illustrating the vast number of pathways to a successful and meaningful career. 

I hope you enjoyed the podcast. This was one of my first experiences facilitating part of the residency. Though when I look back at it, it really isn’t so very different than being an artist assistant or TA. But what was really new was facilitating neon which, from my recent conversations since this recording has led to me believing their much work ahead of me for a full in-studio experience. I would say Frustrating and Fun are the best way to describe working with glass, especially such skillful processes like neon bending. While I fell in love with plasma first, I’m starting to find a very strong interest in neon thanks to Nikki Lau nudge for Neon in her proposal and the well-appreciated guidance and teaching of Tim Tackacs.  Speaking of Tim, you can learn about him is his journey in neon on the podcast in episode 28: American Classic Neons with Tim Takacs. ( links in the show notes above)

Thank you Nikki Lau for the conversation and respect to your jumping hands first into the fires! I hope this experience has helped nudge you into the possibilities of using neon in your future works, even if your hand isn’t the one bending.

 I'd like to thank Pittsburgh Glass Center for supporting me as a place of research and inspiration. Plasma Art Alliance where I have access to the well of knowledge and connects me to some amazing and supportive people. 

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As always Be Safe, Be Healthy, and Be Strong, and I’ll See you next time!