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Taming Lightning

Nov 18, 2021


Harriet Schwarzrock @harryschwarzrock

This is episode number 42. And in today's podcast, recorded June 5th, 2021, I'll be joined by Harriet Schwarzrock for Harry 2.0 - Lights, Glass, and Phosphors. 

We’ll be taking this time to reflect on the recent virtual conference for the 2021 Glass Art Society, recent exhibitions, and projects, and overall plasma journey.

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I hope you enjoyed the podcast. This is another favorite for me, to be able to reconnect to talk and see how much has changed since our previous recording. Harry has been very generous with showing her process, and sharing both her failures and successes, and she’s not afraid to ask for help. And you can tell she loves what she does in spite of the added challenges and difficulties provided by working in plasma! 

Just like myself she learns from those in our growing community of plasma and neon artists and enthusiasts. These overlaps and discussions are what helps us grow! 

I recommend checking out the Facebook group, Neon and Plasma Art for Beginners, there are always a dozen hands to help, tons of books and video resources, and you may find some equipment for sale as well.

Recommendations for your eyes and ears are the Light on the Horizon Video exhibition, the Intro the Plasma Series in collaboration with GEEX, and EP 20: Plasma Light Art from Sweden to Boston, and Beyond! 

Thank you again Harry for taking the time to record!

I'd like to thank Pittsburgh Glass Center for supporting me as a place of research and inspiration. Plasma Art Alliance where I have access to the well of knowledge and connects me to some amazing and supportive people. 

Feel free to share, comment, and subscribe.

As always Be Safe, Be Healthy, and Be Strong, and I’ll See you next time!