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Taming Lightning

Apr 21, 2022

Episode Sponsored by Glass Art Society and Fluxeon

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Hello lightning Tamers this is episode number 46. And in today's podcast, I'll be joined by Ben Orozco.

Ben has co-hosted on the podcast in theTaming Lighting x GEEX collaboration, a 4 part series called Intro to Plasma.Today Ben will be formally introduced as guest on Taming Lightning and we well be talking  Neon as Systems building, the use of light to depict space, and neon as a design language.

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    • Preview - Retro by ONE 
    • The opening theme -Taming Lightning by Trav B. Ryan   
    • Sponsor - Good2Go by ONE
    • Credits - Walking by Ras-Hop

I found the subject of Systems Building to be as an important tool for artists and neon bender to be just as applicable beyond the focus of the this podcast. I do find it valuable to check out  the episode on Story Points from the podcast Two Scrums up, which helps you to quantify an estimate of the effort and time required to complete a task or piece of work. So be sure to check out the show notes on Taming for podcast, books, and resources mentioned in this episode.